A brief account of the biography of Richard Maack (1825–1886) is provided, with an emphasis on his botanical travels and research presented in the context of contemporary politics and sciences. The history of three Siberian expeditions of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society is detailed: to the Viluy River in 1853–1855, to the Amur River in 1855–1856 and to the Ussuri River in 1859–1860. Scientific and curatorial treatments of botanical collections of these expeditions are reviewed. The botanical works based on the Amur and Ussuri expeditions are analysed, and more precise dates of their effective publication are traced from contemporary sources. The corrected nomenclature is provided for Carex wiluica, Chloranthus mandshuricus, Ligustrina and Nymphaea wenzelii. Chloranthus japonicus is re‐established as the correct name for C. mandshuricus in place of the recently resurrected C. quadrifolius. Lectotypes are designated for Carex wiluica, Chloranthus japonicus and C. mandshuricus; the previously designated lectotype of C. japonicus is superseded because of being in conflict with the protologue.

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