Journal of translational medicine | VOL. 20

RGS1 and related genes as potential targets for immunotherapy in cervical cancer: computational biology and experimental validation

Publication Date Jul 25, 2022


BackgroundEffective treatment is needed for advanced, inoperable, or chemotherapy-resistant cervical cancer patients. Immunotherapy has become a new treatment modality for cervical cancer patients, and there is an urgent need to identify additional targets for cervical cancer immunotherapy.MethodsIn this study the core gene, RGS1, which affects immune status and the FIGO stage of cervical cancer patients was identified by WGCNA analysis and differential analysis using TCGA database. 10 related genes interacting with RGS1 were identified using PPI network, and the functional and immune correlations were analyzed. Based on the expression of RGS1 and related genes, the consensus clustering method was used to divide CESC patients into two groups (group 1, high expression of RGS1; group 2, low expression of RGS1). Then, the functional enrichment analysis was used to search for the functional differences in differentially expressed genes (DEGs) between group 1 and group 2. Immune infiltration analysis was performed using ESTIMATE, CIBERSORT, and ssGSEA, and the differences in expression of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) targets were assessed between the two groups. We investigated the effect of RGS1 on the clinical relevance of CESC patients, and experimentally verified the differences in RGS1 expression between cervical cancer patient tissues and normal cervical tissues, the role of RGS1 in cell function, and the effect on tumor growth in tumor-bearing mice.ResultsWe found that RGS1 was associated with CD4, GNAI3, RGS2, GNAO...


Expression Of RGS1 Expression In Cervical Cancer Tissues Cervical Cancer Patients Cervical Cancer Expression Of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Immunotherapy In Cervical Cancer Normal Tissues Higher Expression Growth In Nude Mice Tumor Growth In Nude Mice

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