In retrospect, visional researches mostly focused on vision sensitivity. However, a vision model suitable to human eye shall be built to further explore human eye visional characteristics. Most of the vision models in the fields of optometry and physiological optics must be modified to bring them more closer to actual human eye characteristics. While the aforementioned potential problem would not impede the visual capability of a person with normal eye sight, it tends to cause significant implication for a patient with retina illness during the initial syndrome and recuperation period after surgical operation. Under some special circumstances, such as in a battle field when lack of light is norm due to weather and landform conditions, human eye recognition capability would be significantly compromised as well. The CSF (Contrast sensitivity function) curve is proposed to be applied to the analysis in evaluating human eye recognition characteristics problems. this is the first literature to incorporate CS(contrast sensitivity) correction into human vision multi-parameter model. The modified modeling is validated by the experiment results showing the modified model is closed to human eye’s CSF curve.

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