This study aims to analyze the reproductive performance of local buffalo in Suka Makmue and Seunagan District, Nagan Raya Regency. The number of samples taken in this study included two districts, namely Suka Makmue and Seunagan. The data needed (1) age at first puberty, (2) first mating, (3) length of gestastion, (4) age at first calving, (5) service period and (6) calving interval. The data obtained from this study are Suka Makmue District, the average age of first puberty is 36.76±0.80 months, first mating occurs at 37.53±0.84 months, length of gestastion is 10.65± 0.20 months, age at first calving 49.48±7.17 months, and calving interval 5.73±0.38 months. Meanwhile, in Seunagan District, the first puberty was 37.46±0.72 months, first mating occurred at 37.67±0.54 months, length of gestastion was 10.73±0.15 months, age at first calving was 48.39±0.53 months, and calving interval 5.86±0.26 months. The data obtained showed that female local buffalo in the Suka Makmue and Seunagan District, Nagan Raya Regency, had bad characteristics.

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