Oral liquid dosage forms remain popular in several middle income countries. The accuracy of liquid dosage form dosing depends on the accuracy and availability of measuring devices. Lack of quality oral liquid measuring devices will lead to medication errors. Hence there is an urgent need to describe the quality of manufacturer supplied measuring devices enclosed with paediatric oral liquid dosage forms currently registered in Sri Lanka. Standards for measuring devices were developed after a detailed literature search. Multidisciplinary panel rated each standard for the necessity criteria on a 9 point Likert scale. Standards with overall panel median score of ≥ 7 with agreement were selected. A cross-sectional study was done. All the measuring devices, labels and instructions enclosed with the registered products were assessed against the standards developed. Three volumes of liquid antibacterials were measured using the enclosed measuring device. Accuracy of the volumes was measured. Of the total products (n = 202) only 126 were packed with a dosing device. Around quarter of the oral liquid dosage forms (n = 36) did not have a measuring device. More than half of the measuring devices aligned with all the standards developed. Out of 44 oral liquid paediatric antimicrobials measuring cups (n = 25, 56.8%, 95% CI: 41%-72%) were enclosed more and less error was seen with measuring cups. The quality of oral liquid measuring devices were not satisfactory. Quality could be further improved if the regulatory body request the manufactures/importers to adhere to the standards developed. Correct volumes were not measured using the measuring devices provided with the liquid antimicrobial agents.

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