ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security | VOL. 25

PRShare: A Framework for Privacy-preserving, Interorganizational Data Sharing

Publication Date Nov 30, 2022


We consider the task of interorganizational data sharing, in which data owners, data clients, and data subjects have different and sometimes competing privacy concerns. One real-world scenario in which this problem arises concerns law-enforcement use of phone-call metadata: The data owner is a phone company, the data clients are law-enforcement agencies, and the data subjects are individuals who make phone calls. A key challenge in this type of scenario is that each organization uses its own set of proprietary intraorganizational attributes to describe the shared data; such attributes cannot be shared with other organizations. Moreover, data-access policies are determined by multiple parties and may be specified using attributes that are not directly comparable with the ones used by the owner to specify the data. We propose a system architecture and a suite of protocols that facilitate dynamic and efficient interorganizational data sharing, while allowing each party to use its own set of proprietary attributes to describe the shared data and preserving the confidentiality of both data records and proprietary intraorganizational attributes. We introduce the novel technique of Attribute-Based Encryption with Oblivious Attribute Translation (OTABE) , which plays a crucial role in our solution. This extension of attribute-based encryption uses semi-trusted proxies to enable dynamic and oblivious translation between proprietary attributes that belong to different organizations; it su...


Data Owner Make Phone Calls Framework For Privacy-preserving Direct Revocation Data-access Policies Suite Of Protocols Phone Company Multiple Parties Real-world Use Law-enforcement Agencies

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