The pilot batches of 227ThCl4 and 223RaCl2 were separated from 227Ас. 227Th was separated by anion exchange chromatography on the sorbent BioRad AG-1x8 100–200 mesh from 8 М HNO3. After 227Th storage accumulated 223Ra was separated from 227Th using two chromatography columns: on sorbent BioRad AG-1x8 100–200 mesh from 8 М HNO3 followed by eluate evaporation, by dissolving of dry residue in 0.02 М EDTA with рН 4.5 and sorption on cation exchanger BioRad AG-50x8 200–400 mesh. The samples obtained were analyzed by gamma-, alpha- and atomic emission spectrometry methods. Long-living 227Ас content in Ra and Th was determined by a preliminary chemical separation.

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