Research in medicinal and aromatic science laboratories often involves isolation, identification, and characterization of bioactive compounds from natural sources, particularly those with potential applications in medicine and healthcare. A wide range of analytical techniques, including chromatography, spectroscopy, in vitro – in vivo bioassays, and also toxicity tests to investigate the chemical and biological properties with the safeties of these compounds, and to understand how they interact with biological systems at the molecular level.However, many different species, and different test results creates a great challenge to keep track of results even within one research laboratory.In this study, we introduce a practical offline database and software program for recording medicinal and aromatic science experimental results in laboratories. The program uses a familiar input file, (Microsoft Excel), so users do not need to learn a new software. By implementing a standardized data recording system and evidence file for each plant, even if the same plant has different synonyms, different parts, and originates from different regions, all data can be collected and accessed through a single platform. This system allows for the integration of experimental results, including chromatograms, spectra, images, etc., and facilitates data management and analysis.The presented database provides a significant advantage by allowing immediate access to pertinent information regarding laboratory experimental results during collaborative efforts with diverse research groups and departments. It’s always-on data archiving features will prevent any experiment replications and also eliminates the potential loss of time during the data evaluation process.

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