The development of such an immense strategic domain as an outer-space is based upon two pillars – civil and military. Space is a subject of competition between the most influential world powers, with the participation of state and inter-state structures, as well as private companies. Areas of panEuropean cooperation in the space sector are analyzed, including the participation of France and the EU and ESA, and the key and in some cases the leading role of France in these processes. The geopolitical significance of the outer-space in global competition and the evolution of the position of European powers and specifically of France in relation to the military component of space exploration are studied. Outer-space and cyber-space now are interpreted in Western military strategies as the fourth and the fifth “domains” of military operations, together with land-, sea- and air-domains. Western powers are coordinating and integrating their military-space activities. France and the governing structures of the European Union place an emphasis on assuring the strategic independence of Europe from the USA and from the technologies of “third countries” in space exploration, the military exploration of space included. The EU pays great attention to the formation and development of the “space economy” and the links between the state space programs with the private sector and private investments. The outer- space in the third decade of the XXI century has become a domain of everyday and constant activities of “space powers”, and because of the role of space technologies in the areas of communications, internet and cell communications, geo-positioning, TV-broadcasting, etc. widely interfere in the life of all other states on the planet. The militarization of the outer-space in different formats is actively progressing and requires active political efforts to ensure its peaceful use.

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