The search for environmentally friendly refrigerants for vapor compression systems has been a significant focus recently due to environmental concerns such as ozone depletion and global warming. In this study, the potential of R1224yd as an alternative refrigerant is investigated. A thermodynamic analysis of a 4-kW air conditioning system is conducted to assess the performance of R1224yd. The system is analyzed from a thermodynamic perspective, and key performance indicators such as the Coefficient of Performance and exergy efficiency. The results are then compared to R245fa and R123. Furthermore, a parametric study is performed to examine the impact of key parameters, such as evaporating and condensing temperatures, on the system's performance. This analysis provides insights into the sensitivity of the system's performance to variations in these parameters. The results indicate that R1224yd is a promising candidate as an environmentally friendly alternative refrigerant compared to R123 and R245fa. Because R1224yd has the lowest environmental impact. It has about 700 kg CO2 indirect emission, but about zero kgCO2 for direct emission. While, based on the thermodynamic results, R1224yd offers better performance compared to R245fa which has 1-3% higher in performance value and exergy efficiency, and has comparable performance to R123. This suggests that R1224yd can be a viable option for the systems, providing improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

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