Physics Essays | VOL. 35

Overcoming the quantum mechanics measurement problem by experiment and theory

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


The unknown mechanism of wave-function collapse is called the measurement problem. The problem is best portrayed by a beam-split coincidence test, usually performed with visible light. The notion that energy conservation requires quantization is challenged by considering new beam-split tests and a threshold model (TM). An analysis of pulse heights in detectors for visible light concludes that their pulse height distribution is too broad to make the quantum/threshold distinction. This is because TM recognizes a preloaded state, understood in the loading theories of Planck, Debye, and Millikan, but usually unrecognized. The narrow pulse height distribution of gamma-ray detectors overcomes this detector problem. In addition, a source of singly emitted radiation is required for these beam-split tests. To assure a singly emitted source, the well-known true-coincidence test from nuclear physics is far more reliable than any test with visible light. One of my many successful beam-split coincidence tests with gamma-rays is described revealing the failure of quantum mechanics. After plotting the times between photoelectric effect pulses from the two detectors and comparing to accidental chance, I report a seemingly two-for-one effect that contradicts a photon kind of energy conservation. My similar tests performed with alpha-rays also contradict quantum mechanics. To explain how matter can load up, I hypothesize that our electron constants h, e, and m are maxima. Simple conserved ratios of these constants h/m, e/m, h/e, seen in ...

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Threshold Model
Pulse Height Distribution
Visible Light
Charge Waves
Quantum Mechanics
Pulse Height
Nuclear Physics
Photoelectric Pulses
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Energy Conservation

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