Biosensors and Bioelectronics | VOL. 216

Organic small molecule semiconductor materials for OFET-based biosensors

Publication Date Nov 1, 2022


Biosensors is an advanced detection and monitoring device for the development of biotechnology, and is also a rapid and microanalytical device at the molecular level. Demands for high sensitivity, high flexibility, good biocompatibility, easy chemical modification and low cost offer incentive for exploring new materials to develop the next-generation biosensors. With the vigorous development of organic electronics, the performances of organic devices have been effectively improved, leading to organic semiconductor materials with low cost, good flexibility, easy chemical modification and good biocompatibility for biosensors. Biosensors based on organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) have become one of the most advanced biosensor platforms because of their inherent ability to amplify received signals. Furthermore, OFET-based biosensors have been widely used in the detection of DNA, protein, cell, glucose and other biological substances due to its high sensitivity, fast analysis speed, label-free detection, small size and simple operation. This mini review briefly discusses the organic small molecule semiconductor materials, device configurations, basic principles and application fields of OFETs-based biosensors.


On Organic Field-effect Transistors Organic Semiconductor Fast Analysis Speed Performances Of Organic Devices Organic Field-effect Transistors Small Semiconductor Organic Materials Detection Of DNA Good Flexibility Label-free Detection

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