To determine the one-year outcomes of resveratrol oral supplement in patients suffering from wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Fifty naïve and previously untreated patients suffering from wet AMD, were randomly assigned in two subgroups of 25 patients each. All the participants were treated with 3 monthly intravitreal injections of 2.0 mg aflibercept (IAIs) followed by injections "according to need", while in one group the patients also received daily two tablets of resveratrol oral supplement. Prior to treatment initiation, a complete ophthalmological examination, including best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and contrast sensitivity evaluation, optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans, fundus autofluorescence (FAF), fluorescein angiography, indocyanine green angiography, and OCT angiography (OCTA), was performed to every participant, while all of them completed the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) questionnaire, in order to assess their quality of life (QoL) status. The patients were assessed monthly for 1y with FAF, and OCT or OCTA; the main endpoints were the number IAIs, the changes in BCVA, in contrast sensitivity, and in patients' QoL status. No significant differences were present between the groups regarding the baseline demographic and clinical data. Over the 12-month period, a similar number of IAIs was applied in both groups (4.52±1.00 vs 4.28±0.90, P=0.38), while the rest of the clinical data also did not differ significantly after the completion of the study period. However, for HADS Depression (11.88±2.51 vs 8.28±1.54, P<0.001) and HADS Anxiety (11.92±2.52 vs 7.76±1.51, P<0.001) questionnaires values, the score was significantly better in patients who received resveratrol supplements. Moreover, a statistically significant difference was detected in the mean change from baseline values of contrast sensitivity (0.17±0.19 vs 0.35±0.24, P=0.005), HADS Depression (0.08±1.38 vs -3.88±1.48, P<0.001), and HADS Anxiety (0.36±1.98 vs -5.12±2.70, P<0.001) scores, in favour of the patients treated with resveratrol supplements. The resveratrol oral supplement is a complementary treatment in cases of wet AMD, highlighting its effectiveness in improving patients' QoL status.

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