The article discusses the most important systemic measures to reform Russian science. It is noted that in the foreseeable future, scientific and technological development should serve in Russia the main long-term and publicly declared national interest - saving the people of Russia, developing human potential, improving the quality of life and welfare of citizens. The solution of this problem is inextricably linked with the reliance on the leading role of the state in the organization of the scientific and technological sphere. The first step on the path of systemic reforms is to replace the currently fragmented model of science management withcentralized management of the scientific and technological sphere through the creation of the State Corporation “Rosnauka” by federal law. Such a state corporation, endowed with the rights of a single chief manager of budgetary funds for fundamental and exploratory research, could become a launching pad for a breakthrough scientific and technological development of Russia. The second step is the preparation of a new Federal Law on Scientific, Scientific, Technical and Innovative Activity, which, in addition to updating the principles and mechanisms of management of domestic science, would clearly define the criteria for “scientific” in the activities of legal entities and individuals, and most importantly - “scientific” results obtained for budgetary and other means.

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