Part 1 Conceptual overview 1.Introduction Ian Christoplos and Adam Pain. 2. Food security and food crises: evolving realities, evolving debates Niek Koning. Part 2 New Trends and Challenges 3. Scenarios for global agriculture and food security towards 2050: a review of recent studies Dirk Willenbockel. 4. Strengthening food security through human rights: a moral and legal imperative and practical opportunity Wenche Barth Eide. 5. Large scale land acquisitions -- challenges, conflicts and partial solutions in a project lifecycle perspective Michael Bruntrup. 6. Water competition, water governance and food security Helle Munk Ravnborg. 7. Food insecurity in fragile states and protracted crises Adam Pain. Part 2 Case Studies 8. Sudan's permanent food emergency: a historical analysis of food aid, governance and political economy Susanne Jaspars 9. Food insecurity and agricultural rehabilitation in post-conflict northern Uganda Winnie Wangari Wairimu 10. Poverty, food security and local water conflicts in southern Zambia Mikkel Funder, Carol Mweemba and Imasiku Nyambe with Helle Munk Ravnborg and Barbara van Koppen. 11. State capacity and malnutrition: a critical analysis of capacity support to Sierra Leone's nutrition sector Lisa Denney and Richard Mallett. 12. Social inequality and food insecurity in Nepal: risks and responses Adam Pain, Hemant R. Ojha and Jagannath Adhikari. 13. Changing approaches to food security in Viet Nam Ian Christoplos, Le Thi Hoa Sen and Le Duc Ngoan. 14. Food security and insecurity in Afghanistan Adam Pain. 15. Food security and insecurity in India, Amit Mitra. 16. South Korea: food security, development and the developmental state Anders Riel Muller. 17. Food security, Nicaragua: food purchase or food production, which is best for the rural poor? Francisco J. Perez, Arthur H. Grigsby and Sandrine Freguin Gresh. Part 4 Conclusions 18. Towards new approaches Adam Pain and Ian Christoplos

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