1* Summary The present contribution is based upon the ichneumonids collected from eastern and northeastern part of Turkey between 1994–2007. A total of 16 species and subspecies have been recorded in belonging to Acaenitinae, Banchinae, Ctenopelmatinae, Cryptinae, Ichneumoninae, Metopiinae, Mesochorinae, and Pimplinae. Among them, Acroricnus seductor elegans Mocsary, Hoplocryptus femoralis (Gravenhorst, 1829), Ichneumon curtulus Kriechbaumer and Astiphromma splenium (Curtis, 1833) are new records for the Ichneumonidae fauna of Turkey. New distribution areas for previously known species were added. The zoogeographical characterization of the present species was established. In addition to the ecological notes for some of the species were evaluated.

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