Science Advances | VOL. 8

Network topology–directed design of molecular CPU for cell-like dynamic information processing

Publication Date Aug 12, 2022


Natural cells (NCs) can automatically and continuously respond to fluctuant external information and distinguish meaningful stimuli from weak noise depending on their powerful genetic and protein networks. We herein report a network topology–directed design of dynamic molecular processing system (DMPS) as a molecular central processing unit that powers an artificial cell (AC) able to process fluctuant information in its immediate environment similar to NCs. By constructing a mixed cell community, ACs and NCs have synchronous response to fluctuant extracellular stimuli under physiological condition and in a blood vessel–mimic circulation system. We also show that fluctuant bioinformation released by NCs can be received and processed by ACs. The molecular design of DMPS-powered AC is expected to allow a profound understanding of biological systems, advance the construction of intelligent molecular systems, and promote more elegant bioengineering applications.


Artificial Cell Natural Cells Dynamic Molecular System Design Of Dynamic System Protein Networks Molecular System Design Of CPU Dynamic Processing System Molecular Processing Design Of Processing System

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