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Nanotechnological interventions of the microbiome as a next-generation antimicrobial therapy

Publication Date Aug 1, 2022


The rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) impacts public health due to the diminished potency of existing antibiotics. The microbiome plays an important role in the host's immune system activity and shows the history of exposure to antimicrobials and its manipulation in combating antimicrobial resistance. Advancements in gene technologies, DNA sequencing, and computational biology have emerged as powerful platforms to better understand the relationship between animals and microorganisms (MOs). The past few years have witnessed an increase in the use of nanotechnology, both in industry and in academia, as tools to tackle antimicrobial resistance. New strategies of microbiome manipulation have been developed, such as the use of prebiotics, probiotics, peptides, antibodies, an appropriate diet, phage therapy, and the use of various nanotechnological techniques. Owing to the research outcomes, targeted delivery of antimicrobials with some modifications with nanoparticles can lead to the destruction of resistant microbial cells. In addition, nanoparticles have been studied for their potential antimicrobial effects both in vitro and in vivo. In this review, we highlight key opportunistic areas for applying nanotechnologies with the aim of manipulating the microbiome for the treatment of antimicrobial resistance. Besides providing a detailed review on various nanomaterials, technologies, opportunities, technical needs, and potential approaches for the manipulation of the microbiome to address these challenges, we discuss future ch...


Potential Antimicrobial Effects Antimicrobial Resistance Phage Therapy Host's Immune System Immune System Activity Computational Biology Strategies Of Manipulation Rise Of Resistance Gene DNA Sequencing DNA Sequencing

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