International Journal of Veterinary Medicine

Morphology of the throat of an anglo-nubian goat

Publication Date Jul 24, 2022


In recent years, the anatomy of a goat is relevant and attracts the attention of veterinary morphologists and clinicians. The goat is used for a number of purposes, including such as: meat and milk production, biomedical research. The peculiarity of the topography of the pharynx as an organ is that it is located between two vital systems (digestive and respiratory). Food and air pass through the pharynx on the way to the esophagus or larynx, as well as during belching in ruminants, which plays an important role in preventing suffocation. There are also tonsils and single lymph nodes in the pharynx, which perform a protective function. In connection with the above about the relevance of pharyngeal research, we set a goal to study the morphology of the goat's pharynx, and use the Anglo-Nubian breed as a model. The study of the morphology of the throat of the Anglo-Nubian goat breed was conducted on the basis of the Department of Animal Anatomy of the St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine. The dated material was delivered from the farm of the Moscow region of the Russian Federation "Gzhelskoe podvorye". The age of the studied animals was 1 year and older. The age was determined from the words of the chief veterinarian of the farm "Gzhel farmstead", as well as according to the bonus cards and according to the dental formula of the methodology of Professor I.I. Kalugin, a total of 15 individuals were studied. During the study, such methods as: fine anatomical dissection, morphometry, photographing were used. Acco...


Anglo-Nubian Breed Single Lymph Nodes Veterinary Specialists Air Pass Milk Production Respiratory Systems Fine Dissection Biomedical Research Veterinary Clinicians Single Nodes

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