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Molecularly Defined Subsets of Ewing Sarcoma Tumors Differ in Their Responses to IGF1R and WEE1 Inhibition

Publication Date Nov 17, 2022


Abstract Purpose: Targeted cancer therapeutics have not significantly benefited patients with Ewing sarcoma with metastatic or relapsed disease. Understanding the molecular underpinnings of drug resistance can lead to biomarker-driven treatment selection. Experimental Design: Receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) pathway activation was analyzed in tumor cells derived from a panel of Ewing sarcoma tumors, including primary and metastatic tumors from the same patient. Phospho-RTK arrays, Western blots, and IHC were used. Protein localization and the levels of key markers were determined using immunofluorescence. DNA damage tolerance was measured through PCNA ubiquitination levels and the DNA fiber assay. Effects of pharmacologic inhibition were assessed in vitro and key results validated in vivo using patient-derived xenografts. Results: Ewing sarcoma tumors fell into two groups. In one, IGF1R was predominantly nuclear (nIGF1R), DNA damage tolerance pathway was upregulated, and cells had low replication stress and RRM2B levels and high levels of WEE1 and RAD21. These tumors were relatively insensitive to IGF1R inhibition. The second group had high replication stress and RRM2B, low levels of WEE1 and RAD21, membrane-associated IGF1R (mIGF1R) signaling, and sensitivity to IGF1R or WEE1-targeted inhibitors. Moreover, the matched primary and metastatic ...


Replication Stress Levels Ewing Sarcoma Tumors Replication Stress DNA Damage Tolerance Pathway IGF1R Inhibition DNA Fiber Assay Ewing Sarcoma Levels Of WEE1 High Replication Stress Phospho-RTK Arrays

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