Based on the mean-field theory, the magnetic and magnetocaloric behavior of La0.6Sr0.4Mn0.9V0.1O3 manganese oxide has been analyzed. The Bean-Rodbell equation of state presents a second-order magnetic phase transition with a η factor of η = 0.71. Using the experimental data of magnetization M (H, T), the molecular mean-field parameter is found to be λ1 = 2.19 T g emu−1. The Brillouin function makes it possible to determine the total angular moment J, the saturation magnetization MS, and the Lande factor g for La0.6Sr0.4Mn0.9V0.1O3 sample. We simulated the magnetization as a function of the magnetic field and the temperature by applying the mean-field theory, as well as the variation of the magnetic entropy change ΔSM(T). As observed, the simulated results close with experimental data. The magnetic entropy changes for the samples were also estimated by using the mean-field scaling theory, and the results show a difference between the theoretical and experimental values.

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