Mixed integer linear programming (MILP) is known as a type of programming that can combine continuous variables, integer variables, and (0-1) variables in the same algorithm and generate fitting results for the data. Using this technique, it is possible to model and solve complex problems in many different fields such as economics, biology, engineering, etc. In the present study, a regional planning model was developed using MILP technique for the conversion of manure from dairy and beef cattle into biogas and electrical energy. For this regional planning study, considering the locations of future facilities, data on dairy and beef cattle in the Isparta province of Türkiye were used. According to the model written and solution outputs, to utilize all manure obtained from dairy and beef cattles in Isparta, 5 biogas plants with a total manure processing capacity of approximately 522,000 tons should be built in different districts. It is possible to produce a total of approximately 21,000,000 m3 of biogas and 38,500 MW of electricity per year in these biogas plants. This electrical energy obtained can meet 3.83% of the annual electricity consumption of Isparta province.

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