ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing | VOL. 15

MetaCogs: Mitigating Executive Dysfunction via Agent-based Modeling for Metacognitive Strategy Development

Publication Date Sep 30, 2022


Executive functions (EF) are a collection of cognitive domains governing task initiation, motor planning, attention, and goal-oriented action. Difficulties with EF have marked impacts on adaptive living skills, learning outcomes, and quality of life for people with cognitive and psychosocial disabilities, as well as the broader population. While there is considerable research interest in EF training intervention for disabled populations, very few studies explore metacognitive intervention for people with cognitive disabilities. Metacognition comprises conscious beliefs and strategies around task management and goal setting. Metacognitive awareness has been shown to mediate the effects of executive function on self-regulated learning. Metacognitive interventions have also shown promise in general education, military training, and medical practice. We present a virtual reality experience deploying agent-based modeling to support explicit metacognitive strategy instruction for undergraduate students of all neurotypes. Our results support that explicit instructional material explaining executive function and metacognition in relation to problem-solving experiences influenced participant self-concept and awareness of personal traits and cognitive processes.


Cognitive Disabilities Metacognition In Relation Executive Functions Quality Of Life For People Psychosocial Disabilities Metacognitive Intervention Goal-oriented Action Metacognitive Awareness Self-regulated Learning Motor Planning

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