Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology | VOL. 177

Link between melt-impregnation and metamorphism of Atlantis Massif peridotite (IODP Expedition 357)

Publication Date Nov 7, 2022


IODP Expedition 357 drilled 17 shallow sites scattered over ~ 10 km in the west to east spreading direction across the Atlantis Massif oceanic core complex (OCC, MAR, 30 ºN). Mantle exposed in the footwall of the Atlantic Massif OCC is nearly wholly serpentinized (80–100%) harzburgite and subordinate dunite. A recent whole-rock chemistry study by Whattam et al. (Chemical Geology 594. 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2021.120681, 2022) subdivides Atlantis Massif peridotites into: Type I fluid–rock dominated serpentinite, which exhibits almost nil evidence of melt-impregnation or silica metasomatism; Type II melt–rock dominated, mafic melt-impregnated serpentinite; and Type III melt–rock dominated Si-metasomatized serpentinite. In this study, on the basis of EPMA, three kinds of Cr–spinel are distinguished in Expedition 357 serpentinite: (I) primary, unmetamorphosed mantle array, (II) low-Ti metamorphosed, and (III) high-Ti melt reacted. All Cr–spinel of western site Type I serpentinite is unmetamorphosed (n = 34) and comprises 68% of all unmetamorphosed Cr–spinel. Metamorphosed Cr–spinel (n = 100) are the most abundant and occur in the central and eastern site Type II and Type III serpentinite, whereas melt-reacted Cr–spinel and chromite are restricted to the central sites and occur predominantly in serpentinized dunite. Estimates of the degree of melt extraction of Type I serpentinite using F = 10ln(spinel Cr#) + 24 are ~ 9–17%. Fugacity calculations of primary, unmetamorphosed Cr–spinel yield Δlog(fO2)FMQ of − 1.7 to + 1.0 and calculation...


Cr Spinel Atlantis Massif Oceanic Core Complex Atlantis Massif Silica Metasomatism Chromite Cores Greenschist Facies Metamorphism Amphibolite Facies Metamorphic Olivine Spinel Fluids In Equilibrium Whole-rock Compositions

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