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Lightweight Robust Size Aware Cache Management

Publication Date Aug 31, 2022


Modern key-value stores, object stores, Internet proxy caches, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) often manage objects of diverse sizes, e.g., blobs, video files of different lengths, images with varying resolutions, and small documents. In such workloads, size-aware cache policies outperform size-oblivious algorithms. Unfortunately, existing size-aware algorithms tend to be overly complicated and computationally expensive. Our work follows a more approachable pattern; we extend the prevalent (size-oblivious) TinyLFU cache admission policy to handle variable-sized items. Implementing our approach inside two popular caching libraries only requires minor changes. We show that our algorithms yield competitive or better hit-ratios and byte hit-ratios compared to the state-of-the-art size-aware algorithms such as AdaptSize, LHD, LRB, and GDSF. Further, a runtime comparison indicates that our implementation is faster by up to 3× compared to the best alternative, i.e., it imposes a much lower CPU overhead.


Content Delivery Networks Object Stores Minor Changes Cache Admission Policy Aware Cache Management Cache Admission Popular Caching Aware Cache Proxy Caches CPU Overhead

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