In this paper, a hybrid density functional valence bond method based on unpaired electron density, called λ-DFVB(U), is presented, which is a combination of the valence bond self-consistent field (VBSCF) method and Kohn-Sham density functional theory. In λ-DFVB(U), the double-counting error of electron correlation is mitigated by a linear decomposition of the electron-electron interaction using a parameter λ, which is a function of an index based on the number of effectively unpaired electrons. In addition, λ-DFVB(U) is based on the approximation that correlation functionals in KS-DFT only cover dynamic correlation and exchange functionals mimic some amount of static correlation. Furthermore, effective spin densities constructed from unpaired density are used to address the symmetry dilemma problem in λ-DFVB(U). The method is applied to test calculations of atomization energies, atomic excitation energies, and reaction barriers. It is shown that the accuracy of λ-DFVB(U) is comparable to that of CASPT2, while its computational cost is approximately the same as VBSCF.

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