This article outlines the installation of the first water desalination plant in El-dahir, Somalia, a collaborative effort led by KAALO Aid and Development Organization, OXFAM Somalia, and the El-dahir Water Company. The project aimed to alleviate chronic water scarcity in the region, a pressing issue exacerbated by drought, conflict, and waterborne diseases. Through rigorous site-selection processes and engagement with stakeholders, Eldahir village was chosen as the project's beneficiary, emphasizing community involvement. A Public-Private Partnership (Triple-Ps Agreement) was established to ensure the sustainability of water, hygiene, and sanitation services, reflecting a strategic approach to infrastructure development. Community engagement played a pivotal role, with residents actively participating in discussions on water pricing and quality, underscoring their commitment to positive change. The project's allocated budget of $132,609, inclusive of infrastructure development and capacity-building efforts, reflects the dedication of all stakeholders involved. Lessons learned highlight the transformative impact of collaboration among humanitarian organizations, the private sector, and governmental agencies in addressing water scarcity effectively. This article aims to provide valuable insights for future projects and inspire similar partnerships for sustainable development, ultimately serving as a beacon of hope for communities worldwide.

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