It is proved that investment attractiveness of regions is an indisputable factor in the stable socioeconomic development of the country. The purpose of the study is to analyse investment attractiveness of region and to substantiate proposals for improving investment attractiveness of Cherkasy region. The subject of the study was peculiarities of formation and expansion of investment potential in the region. Methodology. The paper is based on the views of prominent domestic and foreign economists. During the research process, the following methods were used: monographic, historical, analysis and synthesis (in theoretical and empirical studies of investment process); systematic (for the systematization of methodological approaches and indicators of investment attractiveness assessment of the region); statistical and graphics (for the analysis of state and trends of investment processes in Ukraine); comparative (for analysing the investment attractiveness of regions). Results. The essence of investment attractiveness of region as aggregate characteristic of conditions of a certain territory of the country is determined, which includes assessment of development level of investment infrastructure, human capital, financial opportunities, which significantly affect the formation of profitability of invested fixed assets and investment risks. Investment attractiveness of an individual region of Ukraine is assessed. It is proved that investigated region is investment-attractive and has a powerful potential for increasing the volume of gross agricultural products and providing the population with quality food products. Practical implications. The main problems connected with the receipt of investments into the economy of the region are determined, ways of their solution are revealed. In order to improve investment attractiveness level of Cherkasy region, we recommend local authorities to work in the following areas: introduction of free funds accumulation mechanism, in particular, in venture funds; creation of innovative risks insurance system; accumulation of public funds within the framework of social and pension insurance systems and their focus on long-term lending of investment activity; strengthening investment activity of population and ensuring guaranteed protection of their savings.

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