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Investigating the Effects of Premedical Experiences on Medical Student Neuroanatomy Self-Efficacy.

Publication Date May 1, 2022


One key issue in medical education is medical student fear of learning and applying neuroanatomy called neurophobia. In a previous study, we found a negative correlation between neurophobia and neuroanatomy self-efficacy (one's confidence in their ability to complete neuroanatomy tasks). Our findings suggest increasing neuroanatomy self-efficacy may reduce one's neurophobia. Additionally, the literature shows self-efficacy improves academic achievement and clinical performance in medical school. It is unknown whether experiences before medical school may later influence medical student neuroanatomy self-efficacy. This study aims to fill this literature gap by isolating which premedical experiences most significantly influence neuroanatomy self-efficacy. We hypothesize medical students with premedical neuroanatomy-specific experience will exhibit greater neuroanatomy self-efficacy than students without this experience. Instrumentation to measure neuroanatomy self-efficacy and categorize premedical experiences was developed and administered to medical students (n=233). Premedical experiences were categorized as: neuroscience (NSC), neuroanatomy (NAC), neuroscience and neuroanatomy (NSAC), cadaveric gross anatomy (GR), or anatomy and physiology (AP). An analysis of variance with a Tukey's post-hoc test was performed to isolate which premedical experience(s) showed significant differences in neuroanatomy self-efficacy compared to students with no previous experience. All statistical tests were performed at the p=0.05 level. IRB ...


Premedical Experiences Gross Anatomy Course Medical Students Performance In Medical School Issue In Medical Education Anatomy Course Medical Self-Efficacy Tukey's Post-hoc Test Cadaveric Anatomy Previous Experience

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