In this paper we have made an attempt of statistical analysis: we extracted the types of businesses related to IE using open data on the site of State Statistics Service of Ukraine. As a result, the most significant components of IE turned out to be Information and Telecommunication (27% of the total turnover), Financial and insurance activities (27%), and Professional, scientific and technical activities (26%). Real estate transactions - 18%, percentage of Education appeared to  be insignificant (1%), as well as percentage of Arts, sports, entertainment and recreation (1%). We have outlined their problems and possible solutions. IT sphere is the biggest and highly developed type of IE in Ukraine, rapidly growing despite the war. Its main problems are devastation of premises and equipment, power outages, while the solutions are relocation, focus on military programs, and opening offices abroad, in the EU countries. The main problems of Finance and insurance activities are credit losses, uneven inflow of new funds, and power outages. The solutions are Regulatory relaxation and Government support programs. The main problems of Professional, scientific and technical activities are the occupation of scientific and educational institutions, temporary relocation of scientists, limited access to equipment, loss of scientific information, etc. The main  solutions are International projects for supporting Ukrainian scientists in Ukraine and abroad. The real estate market decreased nearly three times during the full-scale war due to Decreasing purchasing power of people and high risks of buying property. The main solution is  the state program eOselya of preferential mortgage for certain categories of citizens. The main  problems of Education are devastation of premises, equipment, and brain drain. The main solutions are relocation, remote work, and international aid. To sum it up, for IE development in Ukraine, especially during the war, we suggest the next measures. First and foremost, to implement statistical accounting by aggregating the types of  activities actually related to IE, and ensure that correct data are available for each statistical period. Second, to develop special governmental program of support of IE during the war,  especially of the most vulnerable activities, such as Education and Professional, scientific and technical activities. Only under these conditions will IE in Ukraine grow and become a driver of innovative change during the war and after the victory.

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