This paper presents the process of drafting the country report on the state of forest genetic resources of the Republic of Serbia. The report was drawn up for the needs of the Second Assessment on the State of the World?s Forest Genetic Resources of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO).The paper presents an overview of the objectives, methodology, sustainability of results, and contribution of the country report to the forest and nature protection sector, as well as the integration of national policies into international initiatives for the conservation of forest genetic resources. The country report contains 32 recommended activities as future steps to improve the situation in the field of conservation of forest genetic resources and meet the needs for capacity building and further research. The recommended activities are grouped into opportunities. Each opportunity is defined as a response to the challenges of all aspects of the conservation of forest genetic resources. All recommendations are defined to suit forest owners and users, who can integrate the conservation of forest genetic resources into forest management.

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