To develop an methodology for integral estimation of natural and potable water and to conduct relevant estimation of the Dnipro River water including radiation indexes at locations of potable water intake and potable water supply stations. Materials of Cherkasyvodokanal ME, Dniprovodokanal ME, Vodokanal ME, Berdyansk-vodokanal ME, and Oblvodokanal ME were analyzed. Along the period of 3 years (2015-2017), 468 water samplesfrom 7 water supply stations which use the Dnipro River water for intake were examined, upon 25 sanitary-chemical and 2 radiation (α activity and β activity) parameters. When carrying out the research, the following methods were used: bibliographic, sanitary-chemical, experts' and integral estimations. In order to carry out integral estimation of the quality of intake and potable water of water supply stations, for the first time the method of hierarchic folding of variables in the method of hierarchy analysis of T. Saati was used, by way of stage-by-stage expert comparison of different groups of parameters and of parameters in groups.Herewith, the groups of parameters were classified according to requirements of State Sanitary Rules and Standards (DSanPiN) 2.2.4-171-10 «Hygienic Requirements to Potable Water Intended for Consumption by Humans» asorganoleptic, integral, physical-chemical with organoleptic and general sanitary, as well as sanitary-toxicological characteristics of health hazards. Weight coefficients for parameters of quality of water are calculated as the superposition of expert weights for each group with taking into account relative estimations of significance for a complex parameter of groups between each other. It was educed that the average complex parameter for all stations in intake water in spring, in summer, and in autumn is statistically (p < 0.001) greater than in winter, and after treatment it doesn't vary along seasons of the year. If complex parameters for water from all stations are compared, their minimum values were for water of Cherkasyvodokanal ME (0.177 ± 0.005 and 0.167 ± 0.005 - of intake and potable water respectively) and Kaydatska Pumping and Filtration Station of Dniprovodokanal ME (0.156 ± 0.006 of intake water). Maximum values were detected in intake water of Blocks No. 1 and No. 2 of DWSS-1 of the town of Zaporizhzhia (0.267 ± 0.008 for each) and of Oblvodokanal ME (0.273 ± 0.004); of potable: DWSS-1 of the town of Zaporizhzhia (0.260 ± 0.008 and 0.265 ± 0.008 respectively) and Berdyanskvodokanal ME (0.282 ± 0.009). At several stations, after treatment, the increase of the value of the complex parameter was observed, and at other, the decrease or the stability of that value was observed. 1. An methodology for assessing the quality of natural and drinking water including radiation indexes is developed, which will allow processing of large massifs of indicators through their step-by-step expert comparison with a significant simplification of the work of experts and without losing the accuracy of the evaluation results. 2. The integral estimation of the ecological state of water of the Dnipro River at places of potable water intakes allowed to determine that the complex parameter of the quality of above mentioned water has a minimum value in winter, and after treatment at water supply stations the parameter is stable along the year. The dynamics of changes in the integral parameter by years (2015-2017) was educed, and along the river bed. Minimum values of complex parameters of quality of intake water was detected for the following stations: Cherkasyvodokanal ME and Kaydatska Pumping and Filtration Station of Dniprovodokanal ME, and maximum values were detected at Blocks No. 1 and No. 2 of DWSS-1 of the town of Zaporizhzhia and at Oblvodokanal ME. It was confirmed that with the purpose of carrying out efficient state monitoring of the quality of natural and potable water in the spatial-temporal aspect, it is expedient to use the method of integral estimation.

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