The study designed an OJT program framework based on the instructional practices, students’ readiness and industry needs. Survey, interview and documentary analysis revealed that instructional practices of the college faculty are significantly related to students’ readiness. However, there was no significant relationship between students’ readiness and industry needs. The industry needs stressed that matching of OJT assignment required the link of theory and practice which emphasized time management, punctuality and promptness to meet deadlines in workplaces. Provision of ID for OJT, regular monitoring of OJT in-charge and the conduct of culmination program were highlighted to enhance the OJT program implementation. Components of the proposed training program framework were considered in these processes: Designing OJT Program inclusive of OJT Work Analysis, OJT Module Preparation, OJT-MOA Documentation and Training series on OJT matters. Based on the findings of the study, business education faculty are encouraged to use varied instructional practices consistently to ensure readiness of the business education students in having higher level of adaptability and employability. The study identified the need in matching the field of specialization that students get in college and the services which the industries offer for OJT. Drafting of OJT instructional manual to facilitate the framework being proposed be considered as follow-up study to this.

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