Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction: Industrial Policy Issues, Theories and Instruments J. Groenewegen. 2. The Theoretical Analysis of Industrial Policy M. Sawyer. 3. The Implications of Globalization for Industrial, Trade, and Innovation Policies J. Michie. 4. Comprehensive Industrial Policies and the Contemporary Coordination Nexus P. Petit, M. Setterfield. 5. A Simple theory of Cooperative Industrial Policy. Model Building and Practical Experience W. Elsner. 6. Industrial Policy, Industrial Change and Institutional Inertia M. Dietrich, J.E. Burns. 7. Strategic Trade and International Competition Policy R. Markl, W. Meissner. 8. Policy Implications of Purely Strategic Mergers H. Schenk. 9. Contracts and Costs in a Corporate/Government System Dynamics Network: A United States Case F.G. Hayden, S.R. Bolduc. 10. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Employment Creation, and Industrial Policy P. Schreyer. 11. Policies for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) P. Bianchi. 12. Regional Paths of Institutional Anchoring in the Global Economy. The Case of the North-East of England and Aragon A. Lagendijk. 13. Anything New in Industrial Policy? Myths and Empirical Facts. The Case of some German Regions F. Hellmer, et al. 14. Conclusions: An Industrial Policy Agenda 2000 and Beyond - Experience, Theory and Policy W. Elsner. List of Contributors. List of Tables and Figures. Index.

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