Movement Ecology | VOL. 10

Increasingly detailed insights in animal behaviours using continuous on-board processing of accelerometer data

Publication Date Oct 24, 2022


Abstract Background: Studies of animal behaviour, ecology and physiology are continuously benefitting from progressing biologging techniques, including the collection of accelerometer data to infer animal behaviours and energy expenditure. In one of the most recent technological advances in this space, on-board processing of raw accelerometer data into animal behaviours proves highly energy-, weight- and cost-efficient allowing for continuous behavioural data collection in addition to regular positional data in a wide range of animal tracking studies. Methods: We implemented this latest development in collecting continuous behaviour records from 6 Pacific Black Ducks Anas superciliosa to evaluate some of this novel technique’s potential advantages over tracking studies lacking behavioural data or recording accelerometer data intermittently only. We (i) compared the discrepancy of time-activity budgets between continuous records and behaviours sampled with different intervals, (ii) compared total daily distance flown using hourly GPS fixes with and without additional behavioural data and (iii) explored how behaviour records can provide additional insights for animal home range studies. Results: Using a total of 690 days of behaviour records across six individual ducks distinguishing eight different behaviours, we illustrated the improvement that is obtained in time-activity budget accuracy if continuou...


Pacific Black Ducks Anas Superciliosa GPS Fixes Individual Duck Accelerometer Data Animal Behaviour Processing Of Accelerometer Data On-board Processing Of Data Home Range Animal Behaviour Research Studies Of Animal Behaviour

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