Introduction: Cerebral palsy is disorder of movement and posture caused by non-progressive disturbances in developing brain caused by number of factors. (1,2) Prevalence of malnutrition among children with cerebral palsy is higher than that in normal children (4-7). Some studies suggest an association between socioeconomic status and cerebral palsy whereas others refute it. Our study will discuss the impact of socioeconomic status on various anthropometric indices. Objectives: To study the relation between socioeconomic status and anthropometric indices in patients with cerebral palsy. Materials And Methods: This was a cross sectional observational study conducted in a tertiary care hospital of Srinagar from January 2021 to November 2022 which enrolled inpatient cerebral palsy children aged 1-18 years old. Height for age (stunting), weight for age (underweight), weight for height (wasting), BMI for age were derived and z scores were assessed through WHO Anthroplus and WHO anthro 3.2 softwares. Socioeconomic status was assessed by modified kuppuswamy scale updated for the year 2019. The data was analyzed with Jamovi 2.3.21. Nutritional status of children was classified as per WHO standards for z scores (i.e., -2 SD to +2 SD : Normal -2 SD to -3 SD : Moderately undernourished and <-3 SD : Severely undernourished). Relation between categorical variables was analyzed by chi square test. Statistical significance was assessed and p values < 0.05 were considered significant. The study was approved by ethical committee of our institute Results: 35 out of 102 participants (34.3%) belong to upper lower socioeconomic class. 25 out of 102 participants (24.5%) patients belong to lower middle socioeconomic class. 19 out of 102 participants (18.6%) belong to upper middle class. 14 out of 102 participants (13.7%) belong to lower class and 9 out of 102 participants (8.8%) belong to upper class.

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