In a paper which was read before the Royal Society in 1873, and which was honoured with a place in the 'Philosophical Transactions' of that year, I discussed the diurnal variations of the wind and barometric pressure at Bombay, and deduced therefrom the fact that a system of diurnal wind-currents moves synchronally with the diurnal variation of barometric pressure. Reasons, were given for believing that that system of diurnal wind-currents is a universal phenomenon; and on that hypothesis I showed how the diurnal variations of the barometer could be explained as a result of those currents. I have lately examined closely the “Discussion of the Anemometrical Results furnished by the self-recording Anemometer at Bermuda,” which forms Appendix II. of the ‘Quarterly Weather-Report of the Meteorological Office, London,’ July to September 1872. Those results support the conclusions arrived at in my former paper in such a remarkable manner as to justify the readvancement of some of them in a form which will prominently exhibit their relation to the diurnal variation of the barometer.

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