The novel industrial manufacturing sector inevitably faces problems of uncertainty in various aspects such as raw material availability, human resource availability, processing capability and constraints and limitations imposed by the marketing department. These problems have to be solved by a methodology which takes care of such unexpected information. As the analyst faces this man made chaotic and due to natural disaster problems, the decision maker and the implementer have to work collaboratively with the analyst for taking up a decision on an innovative strategy for implementation. Such complex problems of vagueness and uncertainty can be handled by the hybrid evolutionary intelligence algorithms. In this chapter, a new hybrid evolutionary optimization based methodology using a specific non-linear membership function, named as modified S-curve membership function, is proposed. The modified S-curve membership function is first formulated and its flexibility in taking up vagueness in parameters is established by an analytical approach. This membership function is applied for its useful performance through industrial production problems by employing hybrid evolutionary optimization algorithms. The novelty and the originality of this non-linear S-curve membership function are further established using a real life industrial production planning of an industrial manufacturing sector. The unit produces 8 products using 8 raw materials, mixed in various proportions by 9 different processes under 29 constraints. This complex problem has a cubic non-linear objective function. Comprehensive solutions to a non-linear real world objective function are achieved thus establishing the usefulness of the realistic membership function for decision making in industrial production planning.

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