BMC Cancer | VOL. 21

Humanized anti-DEspR IgG4 S228P antibody increases overall survival in a pancreatic cancer stem cell-xenograft peritoneal carcinomatosis rat nu/nu model

Publication Date Apr 14, 2021


Background Pancreatic peritoneal carcinomatosis (PPC), with the worst median overall-survival (mOS), epitomizes the incurability of metastatic cancer. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) underpin this incurability. However, inhibitors of CSC-stemness fail to increase mOS in cancer patients despite preclinical tumor-reduction. This shortfall reinforces that preclinical efficacy should be defined by increased mOS in the presence of cancer comorbidities, CSC-heterogeneity and plasticity. The primary objectives of this study are: to test the dual endothelin-1/signal peptide receptor, DEspR, as a nodal therapeutic target in PPC, given DEspR induction in anoikis-resistant pancreatic CSCs, and to validate humanized anti-DEspR antibody, hu-6g8, as a potential therapeutic for PPC. Methods We used heterogeneous pools of CSCs selected for anoikis resistance from reprogrammed Panc1 and MiaPaCa2 tumor cells (TCs), and adherent TCs reprogrammed from CSCs (cscTCs). We used multiple anti-DEspR blocking antibodies (mAbs) with different epitopes, and a humanized anti-DEspR recombinant mAb cross-reactive in rodents and humans, to test DEspR inhibition effects. We measured DEspR-inhibition efficacy on multiple prometastatic CSC-functions in vitro, and on tumorigenesis and overall survival in a CSC-derived xenograft (CDX) nude rat model of PPC with comorbidities. Results Here we show that DEspR, a stress-survival receptor, is present on subsets of PDAC Panc1-TCs, TC-derived CSCs, and CSC-differentiated TCs (cscTCs), and that DESpR-inhibition decreases apop...


Cancer Stem Cells Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Blocking MiaPaCa2 Humanized Carcinomatosis Panc1 Tumor Cells MiaPaCa2 Tumor Cells Resistance Tumor Cells

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