Uranium extraction from seawater is critical for the development of nuclear energy, but the progress is still seriously limited by the performance and cost of current adsorbents. Herein, a convenient and general co-condensation process is designed to prepare amidoximated multi-shelled hollow mesoporous organosilica adsorbent (AO-HMO), which exhibits a high uranium extraction capacity of 862.07 mg·g−1 in uranium-spiked simulated seawater and 9.67 mg·g−1 in natural seawater. The run-through mesoporous structure and multi-shelled surface provide fast diffusion channels and more active sites for uranium adsorption. Moreover, AO-HMO exhibits a long service life due to its robust structure, maintaining an ideal adsorption capacity over 10 adsorption-desorption cycles. Coupled with the synthesis-cost advantage, AO-HMO will surely show great application potential in uranium extraction form seawater in future.

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