Examples of poor heavy-weight floor impact sound performance of pure framed structures with reinforced concrete were observed relative to the floor slab thickness. To investigate the cause of the poor performance, the floor vibration characteristics of several examples of actual pure framed structures were measured during heavy-weight impact. As a result, the floor vibration characteristics of the displacement of the girders and coupled vibration of the girders and floor slabs not seen in conventional floor structures surrounded by girders with reinforced concrete walls were observed. The propagation of the vibration of the floor slab was observed in more than the range surrounded by girders and in the next slab beyond the girders owing to the vibration of the girder itself. That these physical phenomena can be evaluated using a numerical calculation method was confirmed, and the vibration of the girder itself and the actual vibration range when the floor slab is subjected to heavy-weight impact must be considered to accurately predict the heavy-weight floor impact sound performance.

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