In this work a search was carried out for globular clusters belonging to the Sagittarius (Sgr) tidal stream using the analysis of spatial positions, radial velocities relative to the Galactic Standard of Rest (V_{GSR}),proper motions and ratio of "age -- metallicity" ([Fe/H]) for globular clusters and for stars in the tidal stream. As a result, three categories of globular clusters were obtained: A -- most certainly in the stream: Terzan 8, Whiting 1, Arp 2, NGC 6715, Terzan 7, Pal 12; B -- kinematic outliers: Pal 5, NGC 5904, NGC 5024, NGC 5053, NGC 5272, NGC 288; C -- lowest rank candidates: NGC 6864, NGC 5466, NGC 5897, NGC 7492, NGC 4147.

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