Genetic Analysis of Green Pod Yield in Table Pea [Pisum sativum var. hortense]

Publication Date Sep 20, 2022


Background: Garden pea (Pisum sativum L. var. hortense) belongs to family leguminosae is an important legume vegetable grown throughout the world during cool season. It is self pollinated pulse crop with chromosome number 2n = 2x = 14. Based on genetic diversity its primary centre of origin is Mediterranean region. It is used as fresh vegetable and processed frozen vegetable in India and abroad. It is good source of vegetarian protein (6.8%-7.2%) which is consumed as green seed. The experiment was carried out to estimate the GCA effect of parents and SCA effect of 28 hybrids for green pod yield and its related traits using eight parents in crossing programme. Methods: In this experiment crosses was made in 2018-2019 using diallel mating design (excluding reciprocal crosses) and the data investigated in 2019-2020 at Vegetable Research Farm of C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technolgy, Kanpur. Result: In our investigation combining ability analysis revealed significant GCA and SCA for all characters. On the basis of gca effect of parents AP1, KS111, KS282 were good general combiners. Based on SCA effect crosses KS282 x Kashi Nandani, KS280 x Kashi Nandani, AP3 x KS282 were good specific combination for pod yield per plant. Such crosses could be further exploited to obtain transgressive segregants in future breeding programme.


Good General Combiners Diallel Mating Design Chromosome Number 2n Future Breeding Programme SCA Effect Pod Yield Related Traits Garden Pea Mediterranean Region Genetic Diversity

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