The purpose and tasks of the article are to summarize and analyze the organizational forms of the genesis of the women's movement in Ukraine in the second half of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries; highlighting their specificity in the time intervals proposed by the authors in each of the three stages; opening on the basis of the first organized women's groups and societies in the Dnieper Ukraine and the Western Ukrainian lands of joint orientation of actions in realization of tasks of achievement of gender equality.
 On the first - emancipatory - there is a process of origin and formation of women's movement at first thanks activities of S. Kovalevska, E. Miloradovych, H. Alchevska and other prominent Ukrainian women. The activity is carried out by charity, dissemination of education, etc. From the mid-80's the first organized circles were formed O. Dobrogaeva and N. Kobrynska. At the same time, close ties are being established with leading Ukrainian figures I. Franko, M. Drahomanov and Ukrainian-language publishing activity is being established.
 The second stage is characterized by the formation of women's societies of moral and ethical and socio-political direction. Their number is growing significantly. The politicization of the women's movement is becoming widespread. Expanding political slogans in his activities. At the First All-Russian Congress, two women's currents are being formed movement: liberal-democratic and social-democratic.
 The third is characterized by some weakening of women's societies due to the reaction in society, the final separation of the two currents in the women's movement and the outflow of some activists to the ranks of political parties.
 The revival of the movement began in 1909 with the formation of a new type of organization - independent organizations feminist orientation - Women's Clubs. Their activities and representation in the All-Russian and international forums. Women received partial rights in the socio-political and social spheres.
 It is emphasized that legal changes, even inconsistent ones, in the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires have had a definite impact on the process of Ukrainian women's rethinking their position and the spread of emancipatory ideas; more women's access to education; familiarizing them with civilizational approaches to the women's issue of domestic and foreign figures. It is proved that the development of organizational forms of the women's movement and its politicization were influenced by factors of general politicization and the development of the general social-political movement.

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