Meta-analysis techniques are used to analyse behaviour in a set of 136 experimental dictator game conditions. The aim is to find the motivating factors of dictators’ generosity under diverse experimental treatments. For that purpose, a specific meta-analysis is performed on gender differences in giving decisions. It is found that gender differences exist, being women on average significantly more generous than men, even if controlling for several moderator variables that are included in the study. The gender effect may change over several experimental conditions and locations. On the one hand, women are more generous than men for moderate and large social distance, while they are less generous than men when playing with close friends or family members. On the other hand, women give more than men in South America, North America and Oceania, while they give less than men in South Africa. The location seems to play an important role in the overall dictators' behaviour. A general result is that, compared to the baseline, women change their behaviour significantly more than men when they are exposed to any experimental condition.

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