This study mainly focused on the preparation and physical stability of easily industrialized gelatin microgel-stabilized high internal phase emulsion (HIPE) through different preparation conditions and its regulation mechanism. The droplet size of emulsion was smaller at higher dispersion speed (> 15,000 rpm) and time (> 60 s). The interfacial behavior results demonstrated that increasing gelatin concentration (0.1– 2.0 wt%) could promote its adsorption at the oil/water interface (π10800 increased from 12.12 to 19.96 mM/m), making more gelatin molecules participate in the formation of interface and continuous phase network structure. At a higher gelatin concentration (2.0 wt%), the obtained HIPE presented a smaller droplet size and higher viscosity, and exhibited good thermal stability (90 °C for 20 min) and storage stability. This work systematically analyzed the effect of preparation conditions on the formation and stability of HIPE stabilized by gelatin microgel, which could provide a beneficial and innovative reference for its industrial application and design.

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