We studied the dependence of the gas exchange of carbon dioxide with sphagnum surface from solar radiation and air temperature at different levels water table (LWT). The studies were conducted in the swampy pine forest of the southern taiga in the Yaroslavl region at the station of Forest Institute "Gorodisce". It was found that the nature of carbon dioxide gas exchange of sphagnum and its dependence on other external factors varies with different levels water table. When LWT at a depth of 4-21cm sphagnum absorbs carbon dioxide. The dependence of the absorption of solar radiation is logarithmic. When LWT equal 21cm in exchange for absorption of carbon dioxide is take place emission, keeping the same form of the process, depending on solar radiation. Emission of carbon dioxide at LWT 30 cm ceases to depend on solar radiation. Its intensity decreases as the further reduction LWT. The air temperature increase at a shallow water table (up to 21 cm) leads to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. When LWT below 33 cm increase in temperature increases the release of carbon dioxide, while LWT 45 cm effect of temperature on gas exchange effect is much less. Thus, the decline LWT below 20 cm leads to a change in the absorption of carbon dioxide of the sphagnum surface on carbon dioxide emissions and a significant reduction in influence as solar radiation and air temperature.

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