ABSTRACTRenewable and sustainable fuels for diesel engine applications provide energy protection, overseas exchange saving and address atmospheric and socio-economic concerns. This study presents the investigational work carried out on a single cylinder, four-stroke, direct injection diesel engine operated in dual fuel (DF) mode using renewable and sustainable fuels. In the first phase, a Y-shaped mixing chamber or venture was developed with varied angle facility for gas entry at 30°, 45° and 60°, respectively, to enable homogeneous air and gas mixing. Further effect of different gas and air mixture entry on the DF engine performance was studied. In the next phase of the work, hydrogen flow rate influence on the combustion and emission characteristics of a compression ignition (CI) engine operated in DF mode using diesel, neem oil methyl ester (NeOME) and producer gas has been investigated. During experimentation, hydrogen was mixed in different proportions varied from 3 to 12 l/min (lpm) in step of 3 lpm along with air-producer gas and the mixtures were directly inducted into engine cylinder during suction stroke. Experimental investigation showed that 45° Y-shaped mixing chamber resulted in improved performance with acceptable emission levels. Further, it is observed that investigation showed that at maximum operating conditions and hydrogen flow rate of 9 lpm, Diesel–producer gas and NeOME–producer gas combination showed increased thermal efficiency by 13.2% and 3.8%, respectively, compared to the DF operation without hydrogen addition. Further, it is noticed that hydrogen-enriched producer gas lowers the power derating by 5–10% and increases nitric oxide (NOx) emissions. However, increased hydrogen addition beyond the 12 lpm leads to sever knocking.Abbreviations: NeOME: Neem oil methyl ester; BTE: brake thermal efficiency; CI: compression ignition; ITE: indicated thermal efficiency; PG: producer gas; CA: crank angle; K: Kelvin; BP: brake power; IP: indicated power; H2: hydrogen; HC: unburnt hydrocarbon; CO: carbon dioxide; CO2: carbon dioxide; NOx: nitric oxide; HRR: heat release rate; %: percentage; PPM: parts per million; CMFIS: conventional mechanical fuel injection system.

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