With the end of year 2020, the international policy pundits have taken the annual assessment of post Covid-19 scenario across the globe. This paper aims at assessment of the Fragile state of Africa, which has been facing a double-edged sword. Africa has witnessed maximum attacks by the two groups affiliated to ISIS and Al Qaeda as well as significant number of Covid cases. The two most significant terror groups Boko Haram and Al Shabab have taken advantage of the pandemic to challenge the state authorities. Aim of this paper is to review the year 2020 and what has been its impact on the citizens of Africa, it also discusses the impact of natural calamity like locust attack which effects the food supply and demand cycle including its impact on food and nutrition. Due to high impact on the food and grains the grievances amongst the people have raised and this has been used as an opportunity by the non-state actors to attract more and more volunteers to join the group. Therefore, this paper will observe how the religiously inclined terror groups have argued the pandemic and asked its members to use the opportunity to the fullest and reach out to more and more people, carry out more and more attacks and kill as many infidels as possible. Due to such a rapid action and eventful period, it becomes vital to capture the highlights of the year and assess in order to prepare for next such natural disaster. The paper especially focuses on the Sahel Region of Africa.


  • COVID-19 has eclipsed all vital policy driver

  • Covid-19 has been the catalytic agent for the rise in the attacks by the Sunni Wahabi groups like Islamic States, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab

  • It can be assumed that the terror groups remain highly active in the Sahel Region of Africa

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COVID-19 has eclipsed all vital policy driver. It has challenged the normative system all across the globe. The pandemic hit fragile states are facing double-edged swords, with Covid-19 adding fuel to the fire into the persisting security challenges. The terror groups in the fragile states of Africa have recaptured the attention due to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. Because these rebels are using it as an opportunity for three R’s; Recruit, Reclaim and Resources. The diversion of attention from security to containment of the virus has been utilised to attack and capturing of the resource-rich areas. Covid-19 has been the catalytic agent for the rise in the attacks by the Sunni Wahabi groups like Islamic States, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab

Impact of the Status of the Virus in the Region
Terror Attacks in Africa
The ‘Battle of Ramadan’
COVID-19 and Food Security Challenges
Way out of the Ongoing Issues in the Region

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