The report presents the formulation of hydrogel based on biopolymers chitosan and guar gum after cross-linking for sustained release of a commonly used orally prescribed analgesic Paracetamol. The oral ingestion of Paracetamol is associated with complications of the gastric tract and liver metabolism that can be effectually avoided by using transdermal drug delivery systems. The formulated transdermal patch was characterized for physicochemical properties including swelling, bonding pattern (using FTIR Fourier Transform Infra-Red and Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM) and antimicrobial activity. Biocompatibility and cytotoxicity was examined in vitro using cell culture in HeLa cell lines. After characterizing the novel formulated hydrogel were employed for the preparation of drug encapsulated in alginate beads as a transdermal patch. After formulation of the transdermal patch, the drug release was studied using an avian skin model. The results followed zero order kinetics and Non-Fickian law for diffusion. Paracetamol due to its small molecular mass (151.163g/mol) released in a sustained manner. The released drug successfully retained its biological effects including anti-inflammatory and anti-protease activity, indicating no interaction between the drug and the formulated hydrogel. It was shown that the formulated hydrogels could be safely used as a dermal patch for the sustained drug release of Paracetamol.

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